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Outdoor Nylon Fire Rescue Flag

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Quick Overview

  • 3' x 5'

  • Made in the USA using all domestic materials.

  • Hems are sewn with a double row (4 rows on the fly end) of heavy, strong polyester thread tightly lock-stitched so they won’t unravel.

  • Fly end corners are reinforced to prevent fraying. The top and bottom hems are double-stitched a full 3-½" and all four rows on the fly corners are double-stiched 1-½".

  • Colors are bright and vibrant on both sides using dyes that resist fading so your flag will stay looking new for longer.

  • Finished with a heavy weight polyester/cotton army duck header and solid brass #2 rolled rim grommets.

  • Backed by our Great Flags Guarantee.

Outdoor Nylon Fire Rescue Flag

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Nylon, often perceived as cheap and inferior due to its association with the variety of flags sold in big box stores, is actually the best all-around flag fabric. At heavier weights it is extremely strong, almost as strong as 2-ply polyester and stronger than cotton, but has other qualities those fabrics do not. Even heavy-weight nylon is lighter than 2-ply polyester and cotton, allowing it to not only fly with less wind, but withstand it for longer too. Why? The lighter weight puts less stress on the fibers which greatly extends the lifespan of the flag, especially when there’s… Water. Nothing wears a flag faster than water, whether it’s from the sky, the ocean, or a hurricane. Just kidding, don’t ever let us catch you with your flag out in a hurricane! Water adds a tremendous amount of weight to the fabric, and as you now know, more weight means more wear. Nylon absorbs much less water than other fabrics and dries much more quickly too. Strangely, unlike most other industries where the best also costs the most, nylon is the best (in most situations) and also costs the least.

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