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Christopher moody's Jolly Rodger Flag

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Quick Overview

  • 200 denier DuPont SolarMax nylon

  • UV-resistant dye penetrating all the way through the flag

  • Solid brass grommets

  • Four rows of lock stitching on the fly end

  • Heavy duty cotton duck header

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Christopher moody's Jolly Rodger Flag

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Christopher Moody’s jolly roger is one of the scariest—and coolest—jolly rogers. It depicts an hourglass with wings, signifying that your time to live is flying away; an arm with a dagger; and a skull and cross bones, signifying death. The red background is even significant. It meant that no life would be spared. They just wanted to kill you. Christopher Moody was a pirate in the 1700s and is thought to have pirated off the coast of North and South Carolina for some time before being capture and hung at Cape Coast Castle in Ghana.

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