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Indoor US Navy Flag

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A Short History of the US Navy Flag
From it’s earliest days as the newly formed Continental Navy, the ships of the US Navy generally flew the national flag of the day as the ensign. Prior to 1777, when the Continental Congress adopted the Stars and Stripes as the official national flag, Navy ships hoisted a variety of flags that represented competing designs.
The Grand Union flag, favored by George Washington, was almost certainly one of them, as was the Gadsden flag. Following 1777, the Navy standardized if you will, in using the Stars and Stripes as the ensign.
From the turn of the century until well after World War II, the Infantry Battalion flag which was originally used exclusively for landing forces, found wider use as the Navy’s “unofficial” flag. The Infantry Battalion flag consists of a white diamond containing an upright fouled anchor, centered on a blue background.
The Seal of the Department of the Navy was officially adopted in 1957 and two years later, on April 24, 1959, the first US Navy flag was unveiled consisting of the Seal of the Department of the Navy on a blue background with a yellow scroll below it that reads “United States Navy”.
The US Navy flag is not flown on outdoor flagpoles at Naval bases nor is it flown on ships at sea but rather, it is reserved for indoor and ceremonial use.

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Indoor US Navy Flag

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Every Valley Forge Perma-Nyl Nylon indoor US Navy flag is carefully hand-assembled using a gleaming taffeta material, then finished with a flannel-lined pole hem to prevent “bunching”, and a thick golden fringe.

  • Hems are stitched with a double row of color-matched thread for a clean, classic appearance.
  • Valley Forge’s Perma-Nyl material features deep, rich colors and a silk-like sheen.
  • A thick, gold fringe adds the “correct” ceremonial look.
  • The pole hem is fully lined with flannel to prevent “bunching” on the pole and insure that your flag drapes perfectly.

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