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Indoor US Coast Guard Flag

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A Short History of the US Coast Guard Flag
The United States Coast Guard is unique among the US Armed Services in one important respect. In addition to the Coast Guard’s duties as a military organization, they alone among the services have law enforcement jurisdiction. This dual nature is behind the reason that the US Coast Guard has two flags—the USCG flag, or standard, represents the military aspect and the USCG ensign distinguishes it as a law enforcement organization.
The US Coast Guard dates back to 1790 when Alexander Hamilton formed the Revenue Cutter Service for the purpose of enforcing customs laws. The Coast Guard remained a law enforcement organization until 1915 when Congress combined the United States Life Saving Service with the Revenue Cutter Service, declaring that it “shall be a military service and a branch of the armed forces of the United States at all times.”
The US Coast Guard flag is reserved for ceremonies and is also flown ashore at Coast Guard Stations. The US Coast Guard Ensign is flown on Coast Guard cutters and is solely a symbol of law enforcement jurisdiction and is not considered a military flag.

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Indoor US Coast Guard Flag

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Every Valley Forge Perma-Nyl Nylon indoor US Coast Guard flag is carefully hand-assembled using a gleaming taffeta material, then finished with a flannel-lined pole hem to prevent “bunching”, and a thick golden fringe.

  • Hems are stitched with a double row of color-matched thread for a clean, classic appearance.
  • Valley Forge’s Perma-Nyl material features deep, rich colors and a silk-like sheen.
  • A thick, gold fringe adds the “correct” ceremonial look.
  • The pole hem is fully lined with flannel to prevent “bunching” on the pole and insure that your flag drapes perfectly.

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